Addiction is a disease which does not only affect individuals, but also stresses their families to point where they are almost frustrated. People who are suffering from addiction need prompt help in order to get back on their feet, and their families also need to overcome a crisis occurrence as well.

Substance addiction and abuse has the capacity to destroy the dynamics in a family, reduce trust among family members and also destroys the existing communication. Members of a family who have one of theirs going through a tough period of depression, usually tolerate the existing distressing emotions.

The family could act as the Saviour in the addiction recovery process. This requires them to be the hero in the entire narrative of the substance abuse disorders. They cover up for the person, and they make attempts to ensure that the addict still looks pleasing and appealing to other members of the family.

This is essential because, people tend to draw further away from others when they discover that they are down with a particular type of addiction.

Also, the family could also act as the Mascot. Being the mascot basically involves the use of humour to tactlessly reach out to the member of the family who is suffering from substance abuse and addiction. With this, the atmosphere in the family will be less tensed, and family members will be able to interact with the addict, thus preventing him or her from being lonely.

Parents in the family, can play the role of being a firm and supportive parent who motivates their loved ones to imbibe corrective and thoughtful action. Hence, the family will play an important role of ensuring that their loved ones are held accountable for any decisions they make which could result in them having conflicting behaviours, and also come up with rewards for positive results.

Supportive family members will go along with their loved ones to support groups, and they will ensure that they cooperate effectively in their treatment. With this, the progress of the addicted family member will increase steadily.

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