Oftentimes, those who struggle with drug addiction “experience a compulsive, sometimes uncontrollable, craving for their drug of choice. Typically, they will continue to seek out and use drugs in spite of experiencing extremely negative consequences as a result of using.” As a result, those who struggle with substance abuse may find themselves in a place completely different than where they had once been. In fact, they might fail to recognize themselves, as they become so dependent on the drug to a point in which they are drawn and/or willing to do anything to obtain it. It is during these times that several signs might be shown in the character of the individual to help distinguish whether or not the person may be faced with drug addiction.

First and foremost is a change in the person’s personality or behavior. This is where friends, family, and even complete strangers of the addict may begin to see a difference in his/her mood that is far from that of his/her usual. This can involve him/her being easily agitated, irritable, and/or angry by certain situations where there is little need for such. Not only that, but how the addict acts is oftentimes heavily based on a lack of the drug, or as a direct result of the drug itself. For while he/she is under the influence of the substance it can cause him/her to act a certain way, but if he/she doesn’t have access to it, and is in the midst of withdrawal it can cause him/her to grow agitated, as well as be in pain. 

Another sign of addiction is a change in the addict’s hygiene, as he/she begins to care less about his/her outward appearance. The time that would normally be put towards his/her normal activities are suddenly put towards everything but, as he/she may surround himself/herself with a whole new friend group. Not only that, but he/she might even go as far as to ask family, friends, and/or even strangers for extra cash so that he/she is able to purchase his/her drug of choice. Some might even be so deep in their addiction to the point of going broke, and/or failing to pay bills, as long as they have enough to purchase the drug. 

In conclusion, these are only a couple of the drug addiction signs of many that allow one to better determine whether or not someone is struggling with such. It is through these signs that one can better assess the individual, as well as himself/herself if he/she has fear that he/she may be on a similar path. By noticing the signs at an early stage he/she can then receive treatment and/or the help she needs before it’s too late so that he/she can get back to a healthy life.

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